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AMV p27 Products

Diagnostic Products for Avian Leukosis Virus: The avian leukosis viruses have in common with Avian Myeloblastosis Virus a group-specific protein, namely p27 protein. Isolation of this purified protein has made possible the production of three immunological reagents that are qualified for diagnosis of avian leukosis viruses in ELISA assays. These serological methods are a valuable supplement to virus isolation techniques, and contribute significantly to the surveillance for disease states which adversely affect the productivity of chicken hatcheries.

  • Rabbit antibodies are produced against p27 antigen isolated from avian myeloblastosis virus
  • Provided as whole serum, IgG fraction and peroxidase conjugate
  • Provided as a frozen liquid


Catalog No. Description Concentration Quantity Price
AP 2701 Rabbit Anti-Avian p27 from AMV, Peroxidase Conjugated n/a 1 mL $156.00
Quantity :
AP 2702 Rabbit Anti-avian p27 from AMV, whole serum n/a 1 mL $112.00
Quantity :
AP 2703 AMV p27 Positive Control solution 200 ng/mL 0.5 mL $100.00
Quantity :
AP 2704 AMV p27 (Avian Myeloblastosis Virus Capsid Protein p27) 0.1 mg/mL 1 mL Please Inquire  
AP 2705 Rabbit Anti-Avian p27 from AMV, IgG Fraction n/a 1 mL $128.00
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Whole serum: Purified protein p27 from AMV is isolated at LSAT by column chromatography as a by-product generated during isolation of AMV Reverse Transcriptase from avian myeloblastosis virus. This protein is used as an antigen to raise high-titered polyclonal antibodies in rabbit antisera.

IgG Fraction: Hyperimmune serum is fractionated using ammonium sulfate precipitation and anion exchange chromatography. This product is particularly suited for coating microtiter plates for use in a direct ELISA assay. Supplied in phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.2 at a concentration of 5.0 mg per mL. (Quantitation performed by UV absorption, using an absorption coefficient of 1.38 A280 units per concentration unit of 1.0 mg per mL).

Horseradish peroxidase conjugated IgG: IgG from high-titered hyperimmune serum is conjugated to horseradish peroxidase Type VI. When diluted at either 1:2000 or 1:5000 this conjugate is capable of detection of 1 ng of p27 protein. Concentration of protein is 3.6 mg/mL.

AMV p27 (Avian Myeloblastosis Virus Capsid Protein p27): The avian p27 gene is one of the most conservative genes among different subgroups of avian myeloblastosis, avian leukosis and rous sarcoma viruses. The capsid p27 protein is considered to be one of the major groups of specific antigens. Isolation of this protein has has made possible the production of immunological reagents that are qualified for diagnosis of avian leukosis viruses in ELISA assays and anti-p27 antibody purification.

SDS PAGE analysis of p27 purified from Avian Myeloblastosis Virus

General Notes:

A direct ELISA protocol, in which IgG is used to coat microtiter plates, may be used to detect p27 antigen released by viral lysis from samples such as plasma from viremic chickens, and albumen from infected eggs. One mL of IgG (AP2705) may be used to coat from 50 – 75 ninety-six well microtiter plates.

Customer Inquiries:

Bulk quantities of our immunological products are offered at discounted prices! Please inquire. Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc. desires to make its products easily available to the chicken industry worldwide. If you would be interested in obtaining these products in lyophilized form, (which means less expensive shipping and greater product stability), please indicate your interest by e-mail.