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Trehalose 1M Solution

1 M Trehalose Solution

Sterile Filtered, Negative for RNase/DNase

An aqueous solution prepared from our molecular biology grade trehalose dihydrate. Suitable as a buffer component in many molecular biology applications, including isothermal and temperature-cycled nucleic acid amplification. Imparts physical and chemical stability to enzymes, other biomolecules, and intact cellular structures.

Shipping / Storage: Ambient

Test results for Lot TS0416412 can be downloaded here.


Catalog No. Description Concentration Quantity Price
TS1M-100 Trehalose Solution, 1M, Sterile n/a 100 mL $135.00
Quantity :
TS1M-500 Trehalose Solution, 1M, Sterile n/a 500 mL $575.00
Quantity :

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