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Trehalose Review Article

Trehalose Review Articles

We use trehalose to stabilize some of our enzymes during a freeze-drying process. We used to purchase trehalose dihydrate from a well-known St. Louis company. However, quality was not consistent, forcing us to screen lots for the presence RNase which can compromise our products. Sometimes there was not lot available that would meet our criteria. Now, we process our own trehalose, both powder and sterile solution for internal use and for sale.

Stabilization, Freeze-Drying, etc.

Enzyme and antibody stabilization is our main interest. Other applications for cells and tissues are beyond our experience, but for those who are interested here is a short list of review articles.

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  • Molecular Biology Grade Trehalose

    Our trehalose dihydrate tests negative for RNase/DNase and endotoxin, plus its very low in other contaminants. Trehalose Solution is a 1M solution made from our Molecular Biology Grade and sterile filtered in a validated process. Full specifications and pricing may be found by following the links above.