LSAT International Distribution:

Leveraging the power and successes of its robust product portfolio, Life Sciences Advanced Technologies Inc. (LSAT) welcomes the opportunity to work with global distributors, wherever there is a market for molecular biology products: Asia, Europe, India, and Latin America.

Our AMV-Reverse Transcriptase and additional flagship products set the standard for quality in their  field. Our trusted reagents were aggressively in demand during the recent pandemic, and our products continue to be the choice for RNA detections by cutting edge technology for faster detection and amplification.

LSAT also offers training to help increase the skills of your workforce, expand your customer base and accelerate your sales. Please contact us via email at: for further information.

LSAT Insource Partnership:

Our company provides channels to mission-critical products across the life sciences and molecular biology industry. Our access to global e-commerce ensures a strong global distribution network, and our ISO certified suppliers provide the highest quality products in their class. 

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