LSAT Technical Services

Assay Development:

Our scientists have over 20 years of experience developing isothermal nucleic acid detection technologies for a myriad of targets.  We offer assay design services and customized solutions for diagnostic companies and life science researchers.  Previous targets include:

             o   Pathogenic bacteria and viruses

             o   Antimicrobial resistance markers

             o   Plant pathogens

             o   Gene expression of pre-cancerous cells

             o   Harmful algae in the environment

             o   Authentication of seafood species

Protein Purification:

LSAT specializes in purifying enzymes from highly complex feed stocks utilizing the latest Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC). We also offer microbial fermenting services to generate recombinant proteins, as well as subsequent purification, and our ultra-pure enzymes can be directly integrated into molecular diagnostic platforms.

Enzyme Stabilization:

We have decades of experience producing lyophilization-compatible enzymes, and are experts in both lyophilization and chemical stabilization of labile enzymes to reduce cold chain storage costs and complexities. Our proprietary adjuvant mixtures assure that enzyme activity is well preserved over long periods of storage.

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