D-(+)- Trehalose Dihydrate, Molecular Biology Grade

D-(+)- Trehalose Dihydrate, Molecular Biology Grade


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Trehalose Dihydrate Molecular Biology Grade is highly characterized and stringently controlled to meet the requirements of today’s nucleic acid assay systems. There is no detectable RNase or DNase activity. Also available as a 1M solution.

Please inquire about custom concentrations and bulk quantities.

Advantages of Trehalose

  • Trehalose Does not react with amino acids or proteins.
  • Trehalose Stabilizes many proteins and cell types at various temperatures and during freezing. Reduces activity loss from storage and processing.
  • Trehalose Can stabilize proteins and cells during and after drying. Reduces loss of biological activity in lyophilization.
  • Trehalose Can protect against denaturation/aggregation of some proteins at cold temperatures. Reduces loss from storage and processing.
  • Trehalose Protects enzymes from heat inactivation in vitro and reduces formation of protein aggregates. Allows storage and shipping at warmer conditions. May eliminate the need to ship on dry ice and associated freight costs.
  • Trehalose Stimulates activity of certain enzymes at higher temperatures.

Trehalose Dihydrate Specifications

Purity:   ≥ 99.0%
Endotoxin:   ≤ 0.25 EU
RNase:   Negative
DNase:   Negative
AS:   < 1 ppm
Pb:   < 1 ppm
Cd:   < 1 ppm
Co:   < 1 ppm
Cu:   < 1 ppm
Fe:   < 1 ppm
Mn:   < 1 ppm
Ni:   < 1 ppm
Zn:   < 1 ppm
Viable Counts:   ≤ 25 CFU/g

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