Founded in 1962 on a commitment to improving human life, and operating continuously from its St. Petersburg, FL based facilities for 50+ years, Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc. (originally Life Sciences, Inc.) was initially conceived as a unique Research & Development venture, which centered on the viral etiology of cancer, and the experimental treatment of virus diseases. The Company was awarded contracts to U.S. governmental agencies, to include the National Institute of Health, and by the time it ended commercial laboratory animal production in the late 1970s, Life Sciences had established itself as a major producer of biologicals (viruses, research animals, etc.), used in cancer research around the world.

LSAT was instrumental in the development of Interferon, as well as, a pioneer in the development of T7 Polymerase and RNase H for Isothermal Amplification Technology, it was one of the first companies to develop Lyophilization technology, and was the very first company in the world to ever manufacture Reverse Transcriptase from Avian Myelblastosis Virus.

Since 1980, the Company has largely concentrated its product development on enzymes that have been used in the detection of infectious diseases that include: Influenza, HIV, Dengue Fever, Norovirus, and Zika. The Company’s continued success in the field of molecular biology is a direct outgrowth of its R&D years, and has helped position LSAT as a world leader in the field of Molecular Biology.


Located in sunny St. Petersburg, Life Sciences Advanced Technologies was founded by businessman Simon Srybnik on a commitment to improving human health. Originally conceived as a unique R&D venture centered on the viral etiology of cancer, and the experimental treatment of diseases, Mr. Srybnik was instrumental in helping our company be among the first to make Interferon.

During his lifetime Mr. Srybnik inspired many people he encountered, to live their lives being highly creative, productive, and with the desire to always help others. LSAT continues to build on the well-established biochemical product line we have manufactured and distributed since 1962.

Today, Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc. continues and expands Mr. Srybnik’s vision, by dedicating itself to the highest standards of business principles and product manufacture, in its effort to save lives and futures of people worldwide.

We remain committed to the humanitarian visions from which our company began, and we take pride in providing the products and expertise needed to support the goals of the scientific research community.
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