About Our Company

  • Saint Petersburg Florida

Founded on a commitment to help save lives and futures over 50 years ago, our company was originally conceived as a unique R&D venture centered on the viral etiology of cancer, and the experimental treatment of diseases. We were instrumental in the development of Interferon, and were the first company to ever commercially produce and supply AMV-RT for diagnostic research use. We were a pioneer in the development of T7 RNA Polymerase and RNase H for Isothermal Amplification Technology, and as that market grew, were also one of the first companies to develop Lyophilization technology. Today, Life Sciences Advanced Technologies, Inc. is an established authority in isothermal amplification, and a world leading producer and supplier of molecular diagnostic enzymes to top companies in genomic sequencing, diagnostic research, and Point Of Care (POC) device development worldwide.

We remain committed to the humanitarian visions from which our company began, and we take pride in providing the products and expertise needed to support the goals of the scientific research community. Our emphasis will always be on service, value and customer satisfaction.

J.Ron Bradley, Executive Administrator